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  • The Science of Clean

    Knowledge really does help when cleaning and knowing the difference between ‘soil’ and a ‘stain’ is the first step.

    A ‘stain’ occurs when the actual ‘material’ (even material such as concrete, wood, etc.) comes in contact with a substance that actually goes into the material. A ‘dye’ is such a substance but so can be the carbon in the grease on an engine. Most often, such a substance becomes so much a part of the material that it cannot be removed without the use of chemicals, such as bleach, and then there is the risk of also removing the original color or damaging the material. The best chance of minimizing stain is removal of the substance as soon as possible to minimize the contact time.

    ‘Soil’ happens when there is a substance such as fat, oil or grease (FOG), or even cleaning substance residues, on the material that attracts and holds dirt particles. To really clean, soil needs to be ‘broken apart’ to be wiped or washed away. THE CLEANING ANSWER™ LINE of products does just that.

    THE CLEANING ANSWER™ LINE, through the chemical and electrical action of its molecular structure, breaks apart, chelates and encapsulates the soil and holds it in a permanent suspension within the water portion of the product and the rinse water. As long as moisture is present, THE CLEANING ANSWER™ LINE of products continue to work.

    Water is very important to cleaning as it allows for the emulsified soil to be dispersed to a ‘wider’ area making it more easily biodegraded and transformed (composted) microbially when introduced to the natural environment.

    THE CLEANING ANSWER™ LINE of products biodegrades in the optimal time of 7 days: A substance that biodegrades too quickly is a bio-stimulant and a pollutant; Substance that biodegrade in excess of 7 days are classified as “hard” chemicals and may be hazardous to human health.

    Download The CLEANER ANSWER™ Letter of Compliance document

  • All Life is Electric – Animals

    Including ‘livestock’ and 'poultry' (You may also want to consider the ‘human’ condition.)

    Whether in the ground we walk on, the water we drink, the food we eat, or the air we breathe, electrical energy is everywhere for each element of our world is comprised of individual, unique vibrations – electric energy .

    It is the combinations of those vibrations that give every cell in every organism its own electric energy and its own identity. Some of these identities work in synergy while others work against each other – and yet they all have something in common, they are all following the basic plans drafted for them at creation. Nature’s Armies are a good example of this.

    Nature provided ‘bugs’ – microbial and microbial life, in two different categories: Army #1 – Beneficial, Probiotic, both aerobic and anaerobic, are there to ‘compost’ – transform, food substances into usable food nutrients for the energy required for body functions; Army #2 – Also both aerobic and anaerobic, are commonly clumped together and considered pathogenic, causing dis-ease and conditions that lead to mal-functioning biological systems – shorts in the electrical system. Both Armies work inside and outside the animal.

    Whether beneficial or pathogenic, aerobic or anaerobic, both of Nature’s Armies have an important part to play in the foundation of Life: Army #1 must do its best to keep the electricity required by all living cells charged and running smoothly for all organs to function at their highest potential: That is “Life: More Abundant”– Life ‘Worthy of Reproduction’ – the major goal of Nature. Army #2 has the job of ‘taking out’ everything not ‘Worthy of Reproduction’, thus eliminating a life system that deteriorates instead of maintaining and improving Life to its most Abundance. Never underestimate the power of Army #2: It will attack by ‘air, land or sea’, and without it we would have self-destructed and drowned in waste billions of years ago. And though ‘civilization’ tries, it is still only Nature that can perfectly fine-tunes the vibrational balance when All Life is Electric.

    For Animals, the hardest job, the most energy usage, and the greatest stress is attributed to the ‘digestion’ of food. Thorough digestion is the decomposition, the breaking down of one ‘complex‘ organic material into such simple forms that the original material cannot be detected. In animals, a simplified overview of the process is that it started in the mouth where feed is ‘ground’ and mixed with digestive ’juices’ to help break down tough substances like the fiber of grains, grasses, carbohydrates, etc., and begins the digestion process. It then continues through the gut where intrinsic probiotics are creating enzymes that release and convert nutrients to be absorbed through the intestine walls and distributed throughout the cells of the body. Non-digested material is passed on through the intestine and commonly referred to as waste.

    IF… the feed is of low quality and lacks nutrients, if the probiotics of ‘gut life’ are weakened or lacking, or even if the animal is living in an already contaminated or polluted environment, the gut cannot do its job, nutrient absorption is decreased, the cells of the body are not nourished, and the electrical energy of the cells and the body as a whole are weakened. This weakening – reduction in the animal’s electrical energy, leaves the animal open for dis-ease and the Army #2 is ready and waiting to do its job – take out that which is not ‘Worthy of Reproduction.’

    All Answer™ products are manufactured with the ‘All Life is Electric’ philosophy as the foundation for providing Organic™ products for safe and healthy living. The Livestock Answer™, an additive for dry feed that has an immediate impact action in augmenting and stimulating a animal’s digestive system by aiding in more thorough digestion for release and absorption of nutrients, increase of cellular electric energy, reduction of intestinal parasites, and reduction of odor.

    Including The Livestock Answer™ in your animals’ feed program and let it help you product animals ‘Worthy of Reproduction’.

  • All Life is Electric – Plants

    Whether in soil, water or air for plants, or in the digestive systems of animals, Nature provided ‘bugs’ in two different categories: Army #1 – Both aerobic and anaerobic, ready to … ‘compost’ and transform soil and waste into usable plant food; Help pollinate and increase production and reproduction; Defend plants from predatory ‘bugs’; Work both above and under ground. Army #2 – Both aerobic and anaerobic, commonly clumped together and referred to as ‘predatory’, work both above and under ground causing dis-ease and conditions that lead to mal-functioning biological systems – shorts in the electrical system. They are ready to ‘Take out’ plants that are not worthy of reproduction.

    The electrical conductivity-energy of a plant and ‘bug’ can either be compatible (Army #1), or incompatible (Army #2). Both of Nature’s Armies are absolutely vital to the survival and prosperity of agriculture and the way our planet lives and thrives. Both are created with their own range of vibrational, electric-power that works with the electrical power of plants or is in opposition to it. That is why ‘predatory’ bugs (Army #2) simply cannot, under any circumstances, live on a healthy, fully ‘charged’ plant! Whether at the flower, leaf, stem or root, Army #2 bugs will fly away, scurry away, drop off of a truly strong, healthy plant – and most of the time, they won’t even come near.

    Army #1 ‘bugs’, on the other hand, work in synergy with living things, even helping ‘kill’ Army #2 bugs that may be attacking plants that are just on that border line of not-quite-strong-enough to ‘Worthy of Reproduction’. Example: Ladybugs vs aphids.

    All Answer™ Plant & Soil Additives: The Bio-N-Liven Answer™, The Frozen-Flame Answer™, The Mineral Electrolyte Answer™; and Fertilizer product: The Nano-Ag Answer™, are manufactured with the ‘All Life is Electric’ philosophy as the foundation for providing Organic™ products for plants to be safe, healthy and sustainable. The Pro-Tech Answer™, is an extra boost and has an immediate impact action in augmenting and stimulating a plant’s natural electrical energy and help those plants on the ‘border line.’

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