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The Clean-N-Green Answer™


The CLEAN-N-GREEN ANSWER™ is an excellent general cleaner. It’s gentle enough for household use but still cleans with the power you’d expect from an EC&S product. This multi-surface product gives you an uncompromising clean while keeping our commitment to environmental responsibility.
The CLEAN-N-GREEN ANSWER™ is a cleaner produced from alkaline water, manufactured by the WRJ-Ag-ROX EO Water Equipment, with a proprietary blend of surfactants, that takes the place of a wide range of harsh chemical cleaners. It is clear and nearly odorless, non-staining, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Extremely versatile, it can be used in hard, soft and salt water, and works well even in cold water. The CLEAN-N-GREEN ANSWER™ is 100% biodegradable in the environment in the optimum desirable time of 7 days. Substances that biodegrade too quickly are considered “bio-stimulants” and pollutants as cleaners: Substances that biodegrade in excess of 7 days are classified as “hard” chemicals and are hazardous to human health.


​SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
OMRI Certificate (0899)
Certificate of Kashruth: KOSHER — PARVE

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The greatly decreased hydrogen ion concentration (high pH) and balanced ORP (oxidation/reduction potential – measured in milli-volts) of The CLEAN-N-GREEN ANSWER™ provides the necessary molecular energy for the maximum emulsifying and chelating action that is required to remove the oils, greases, protein, other substrate and invisible substances to which dirt, bacteria, fungus and algae adhere, and to remove carbon deposits and breaks down calcium and other scaling substances.

The CLEAN-N-GREEN ANSWER™ saves time and money by…

  • Eliminating the need for protective clothing.
  • Reducing the time necessary to train personnel in different product uses.
  • Reducing liability associated with the use of hazardous and toxic products.

For best cleaning results:

  • Clean from the bottom up; Rinse from the top down.
  • Apply the “4 Variables of Balanced Cleaning” to fit your Time & Cost Requirements.
    1. Formula - The dilution ratio and pH of the diluting water.
    2. Dwell Time – The amount of time the product ‘soaks’ on the surface.
    3. Energy – The use of heated water for dilution.
    4. Agitation – The use of power washers or scrubbing action.

The CLEAN-N-GREEN ANSWER™ can be used on all water-cleanable surfaces. Though extremely active in a wide range of pH conditions, low pH environments may slow cleaning action.
Store out of direct sun light. Do not freeze.

2-2.5 gallon containers per carton. 36 cartons (180 gallons) per pallet.
Net Contents: 2.5 US Gallons (9.45 Liters); Net Weight: 22.5 lbs (10.27 Kg)

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