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The Answer™ Application Information tables (see Table-Index below) give you the flexibility to DESIGN a biological program to GROW healthy, beautiful, high-yielding crops with the potential for increased bottom line, profit margins.

This information is meant as a ‘BASIC GUIDELINE’ ONLY and each DILUTION and APPLICATION RATE MAY CHANGE depending on a list of variables such as weather, existing soil conditions, crop variety, etc.

The suggested application rates of The Bio-N-Liven Answer™, The Frozen-Flame Answer™, and The Mineral Electrolyte Answer™ are based on 2-4% soil organic matter, 9-22 cation exchange capacity, and soils that may not have optimum nutrient balance or moisture. Lower than 2% organic matter, and lower or higher than 20% moisture content may require higher application rates.

The speed for soil detoxification of high salt levels, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or other soil contaminants, will depend on the degree of biological stimulation, multiplication and activity. Very tight, compacted soils may also require higher application rates than the average rates recommended.

Always consult your Distributor and discuss your individual goals and requirements for specific application rates and additional information.

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