Meet Doc

Dr. William R. Jackson PhD. ScD

Inventor • Scientist • Author • Educator
Over the years, many have just recognized his life's work to be known as theory. And boy were they wrong. Doc has dedicated his life to the world we all walk on, as his primary focus is how to help advance the way we live and clean up the problems man has left behind. His scientific research has led him to believe that nature is not only the best way to solve old problems, but the most impactful, yet crucial if we are going to improve our environment. His common sense says, there is no problem that has been created by man that cannot be solved without the help of nature, just with a little man power behind it.

​Dr. William R. Jackson, PhD. ScD. has devoted his time and energy to helping our planet heal from the injuries brought about by many of man’s short-sighted quests for “betterment.”

As the Scientist and Co-Founder of Environmental Care & Share, he combines his experience and in-depth research to create formulations for the EC&S Answer™ Line of products, as they “impact” the future of science and positively improve our environment for generations to come.

​Firmly understanding that 'All Life Is Electric.' Our Ambassador Dr. Jackson has taken a revitalized approach as he continues to research and dig deep into countless records and testimonials for ground breaking results that will help empower the world to operate at its full potential. He has come to the realization that, as time goes on, change is vital and inevitable— especially when it comes to our environment. Dr. Jackson wants to extend his knowledge of nature, but also his prescriptions for healing the earth— as we introduce The Answer™ Product Lines to establish, implement and maintain a procedure to save our planet.
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