Dr. William R. “Doc” Jackson, PhD, ScD
(August 23, 1936 – January 24, 2020)

Inventor • Scientist • Author • Educator

Over the years, many considered his work to be ‘theory’, but they were so wrong  Dr. Jackson dedicated the last portion of his life to the world we all walk on, with his primary focus on how to advance the way we live and simultaneously clean up the problems we previously left behind. His scientific research led him to understand that nature is not only the best way to heal the planet of problems caused by man’s short-sighted approach to the quest for ‘betterment’, but with man and nature working together in balance and harmony, it is also the best way to improve our environment and provide steady, positive progress for generations to come.

​Firmly understanding that 'All Life Is Electric.' Our Ambassador Dr. Jackson has taken a’, and that Nature is Commander-in-chief of an army of an endless number macro- and microbial life, Dr. Jackson dug deep into countless records and testimonials for enough evidentiary proof and validation to fill three (3) monumental books with the information needed for mankind to help empower the world to repair and operate at its full potential. 

 Recognizing that changes on our earth are both vital and inevitable — especially when it comes to our environment and the need to feed the ever increasing number of inhabitant, Dr. Jackson utilized his knowledge of nature, as well as his creative abilities and introduce The Answer™ Product Lines to establish, implement and maintain a means and procedure to help save our planet. As Doc and EC&S co-founder and business partner, Lynn De Vaney, have said, we’re here to “Solve old problems without creating new ones".


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