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About: Environmental Care & Share is the leading ambassador for "The Voice Of Industrial Change," as we make our impact by manufacturing environmentally friendly products that work hand-in-hand with nature to bring it back to its full abundance. EC&S is structured based on the fundamental grassroots of in-depth research and hands-on scientific studies allocated towards critical issues worldwide, as we specialize in community outreach, educational outreach, and both environmental and health care awareness.

Simply put, we are an environmental manufacturing corporation, that thinks outside the box- "where we always have everyone's best interest at heart." EC&S and it’s products have been recognized as of the most impactful, effective and efficient ways to solve old problems; without creating new ones.

Mission: Our mission is to play a key role in the "Voice for Industrial Change” as we help simplify and attack the problems, the consequences and suggest alternatives to improve the safety of our health and our environment.

Meanwhile, “Managing the Whole Picture” Environmental Care & Share will disseminate the safety, value and crucial impact of our products.


Vision: Our vision is to play a part in removing both hazardous and toxic substances from the human food chain in an effort to promote wellness for all living things. Ensuring human, animal and environmental health to bottom line improvement- all done Correctly & Safely.

Commitment: Environmental Care & Share and its business family are committed to helping protect and improve the health, safety and productivity of all of us and the environment in which we work, live, eat and play.

 Through the creation of our groundbreaking products and education materials, EC&S has made a commitment to work hand-in-hand with nature in an effort to protect all life on this planet, while at the same time, raising the industry standards of safety and effectiveness to help increase productivity and improve your business bottom line.

A little bit of history: The development of Environmental Care & Share, Inc. started from the ground up – literally. Then President, William Jackson’s interest in healthy soil and safe products began as a child raised in a small farm community of Idaho where he had watched his Grandfather's two horses plow a field that would now require a huge tractor; Sr. Vice President Lynn De Vaney’s interest was heightened when her daughter taught school in the farming area of California’s Central Valley where incidences of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and other similar disorders were higher for the children of farm workers than for other children. Both recognize the problems being caused by the overuse of inorganic chemical salt fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, hormones and antibiotics. Though maybe not directly in contact with these substances today, many chemicals continue to ‘radiate out’ their vibrations through generations and still remain in the soil and ground water as well as DNA.

Both Dr. Jackson and Ms. De Vaney became determined to help renew the soil, improve crop production, and help remove harmful chemicals from the human food chain. The environments of birds, animals, and humans needed some care and there were problems that needed some answers.

Two of Dr. Jackson’s books, HUMIC, FULVIC and MICROBIAL BALANCE-Vol I: ORGANIC SOIL CONDITIONING and ENVIRONMENTAL CARE & SHARE, set the stage for the development of products that give users safe alternatives to the toxic and hazardous chemicals in common use. In 2016, Dr. Jackson published LIFE: MORE ABUNDANT, Vol.II of the series, which includes a revised Chart of Elements – The Electric Periodic Table of Elements©, providing proof of the need to eliminate the use of hazardous and toxic chemicals and come home to the “Safe House”.

Jim Jackson joined us in 2015 as President when Dr. Jackson retired from that position to do more writing and be more active as Chairman of the Board, and Ms. De Vaney moved to the position of Sr. Vice President to work more with product development and certification.

As our family has expanded we continue to put our efforts into providing the consumer with safe, effective, and bottom-line-friendly products.

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