THE ANSWER™ Cleaning Line of Products — innovative and biodegradable

  • The marketplace for environmentally friendly home and industrial commercial cleaning products are changing vastly. As consumers are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of cleaners, the demand for green friendly products are quickly rising. And as the consumer market rises, the industrial market does as well.
    Environmental Care & Share offers an innovative line of biodegradable, environmentally safe, and impactful cleaning products for your home, janitorial services, commercial industry services and much more.
    Our dealers count on us to supply them with powerful and effective, yet non-toxic products for bio-remediation, odor control, and cleaning.
    The Answer™ Cleaning Line products are designed to fit your organization’s day to day cleaning operations, while upholding and maintaining a safe and easy cleaning process for people and the environment.

Top 5 trends for the cleaning industry
  • • Performance
  • • Cost-Effectiveness
  • • Ease of Use
  • • Environmental Awareness
  • • Safe For Human, Child & Animal Health

Product Safety
    You can now officially wash your hands clean from the use of chemical cleaners.
    The Answer™ Cleaning Line has been tested at an independent lab and have proven to be comparable (or better) in cleaning effectiveness to competing commercial cleaners. Yet, they are 100% non-toxic, sustainable and safe for daily use, even used by certified organic™ product producers and processors. These unscented formulas work well for people who are chemically sensitive or suffer from asthma or other allergies.
    At Environmental Care & Share, we believe being safe should be simple. We strive for overall employee safety, bottom line profit and long-term results. We are committed to showcasing consistent, drastic results; when it comes to your health, your family, your coworkers and even your checkbook.

The Answer™ cleaning line eliminates & protects people from serious health issues that have been connected to using chemicals, including:
  • • Skin Allergies
  • • Infertility
  • • Cancer
  • • Birth Defects
  • • Reproductive Problems
  • • Learning Disabilities

Advanced Solutions
    The Answer™ Cleaning Line has set a benchmark for environmentally safe products of the highest quality and efficacy. It brings a new value to clean, empowering the world to clean smarter, greener and better.
    Our Cleaning Line offers the best selection of advanced sanitation and industrial solutions to keep your workplace green, safe, clean, and sanitized to ensure employee safety and customer satisfaction.
    Environmental Care and Share, Inc. specializes in protecting both you, your staff and our environment when it comes to cutting costs, time and effort, dealing with cleaning.
    Our ambassador Dr. William R. Jackson PhD. ScD., believes that in many cases the problem is that the cleaning agent itself is more hazardous than the substance it is actually removing. Therefore, EC&S had a breakthrough when it came to the solutions and technology needed to revamp our products used within the Commercial and Industrial Industries. The Answer™ Cleaning Line has been recognized as the most cost effective answer, as it eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals, costly and inefficient products and gear, and helps reduce ownership liability dealing with overall employee safety.

Long-Term Impact
    Just imagine how much money businesses lose due to employee. According to the International Sanitary Supply Association or the ISSA, "Health-related lost productive time (LPT) totals $225.8 billion per year" and the "LPT for health-related reasons totals $1,320 per employee per year." Whether caused by absenteeism or LPT, the bottom line is that each employee adds up and a portion of absenteeism could be reduced when the ultimate decision maker is less worried about the costs and concerned more about the long term results and overall savings. Cleaning thoroughly and effectively with safe and reliable products can reduce LPT.
    When it comes to making a decision about purchasing a cleaning product, knowledge plays a key role in the decision process for cleaning and sanitizing products used and the effects they may have on employees within the establishment and the environment. The ultimate decision makers need to understand that they are held responsible for the knowledge of all products purchased and also held liable for complying with federal or local laws and policies.
    The ultimate decision maker also needs to allocate their cost, time and effort towards the long-term financial return on investment, not just for this years budget.

Our Products

    The Answer™ Cleaning Line is helping individuals and corporations around the world by integrating safe, sustainable and impactful cleaning solutions into their cleaning programs.
    Environmental Care & Share prides itself on providing top notch, sustainable cleaning solutions for corporate leadership and their staff by increasing sales, improving profits, and reduce absenteeism at the bottom line.
    Seize the opportunity to revitalize your corporate brand by using the only Answer™ for cleaning. No Labor, No Time, No Mess.



Product Details
  • • 2.5 Gallon (100% post-consumer recycled plastic)
  • • Clear Liquid, Odorless, Non-Fuming (No Petroleum-Derived Ingredients, No Synthetic Fragrances & Dye)
  • • Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, Non-Tainting, & Non-Flammable
  • • 100% Biodegradable (Within 7 Days)
  • • Renewable Ingredients; Alkaline or Acidic Water-Derived Cleaner or Disinfectant
  • • Balanced pH
  • • Free of Phosphates, Chlorine, Formaldehyde, Nitrates, Sulfates, Caustics, Enzymes, & Solvents
  • • Non-Corrosive, Mucous Membrane, Or Organic Materials
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Product Guarantee
  • • OMRI Certified
  • • Kosher Certified
  • • Natural, Safe & Hygienic
  • • Easy to Use/Operate, Very Effective
  • • Residue-Free
  • • Never Tested On Animals
  • • The Answer™ Cleaning Line Products Will Not Damage Any Material That Can Be Washed With Water & Will Not Harm Humans, Animals, Plants Or Our Environment – WHEN USED AS DIRECTED
  • • No Compromises To Worker Safety & Ensures Public Safety & Health

  • CLEANING FORMULA >>> Strength & purpose of the formula
  • DWELL TIME >>> The amount of time the product 'soaks' on the surface
  • ENERGY (HEAT) >>> The use of heated water for pre-wash or rinsing if needed
  • AGITATION >>> The use of power washers or scrubbing action

The Cleaner Answer™

The CLEANER ANSWER™ is a multi-task cleaner produced from alkaline water that takes the place of a wide range of harsh chemical cleaners. It is clear and nearly odorless, non-staining, non-flammable, and non toxic. Extremely versatile, it can be used in hard, soft and salt water, and works well even in cold water.

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The Heavy Cleaner-Mop Bucket Answer™

The HEAVY CLEANER – MOP BUCKET ANSWER™ excels in the commercial/industrial/agricultural arenas where it’s a safe and effective alternative for those currently using toxic chemical cleaners. This advanced biodegradable non-toxic formula lifts and then traps dirt and grease molecules for easy removal.

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The Janitors' Answer™

The JANITOR'S ANSWER™ is a cleaner produced from alkaline water with a proprietary blend of surfactants, that takes the place of a wide range of harsh chemical cleaners. It is clear and nearly odorless, non-staining, non-flammable, and non-toxic.

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The Clean-N-Green Answer™

The CLEAN-N-GREEN ANSWER™ is a cleaner produced from alkaline water with a proprietary blend of surfactants, that takes the place of a wide range of harsh chemical cleaners. It is clear and nearly odorless, non-staining, non-flammable, and non-toxic.

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The Disinfectant Answer™

The DISINFECTANT ANSWER™ is a game changer as it sanitizes, disinfects, deodorizes and effectively controls odor in one easy step- working virtually on almost anything that may cause harm. It's an all natural, multi-purpose sanitizer that will meet all of your disinfecting needs, still maintaining the value of eco-friendly responsibility that can be used on all highly touched areas. 

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The Odor-Control Answer™

The ODOR-CONTROL ANSWER™ was designed for industry-leading dependability and rapid response to neutralizing and eliminating offensive, harsh odors. From sewage treatment, to plant remediation, to the smallest household odor; The Odor-Control Answer is the ‘Answer’ for you.

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