THE ANSWER™ Agricultural Line of Products — next generation soil management

THE AGRICULTURAL ANSWER™ Agricultural Line: Why it's the best ANSWER™
  • Did you know that by 2045, the planet will be filled with over 9 billion people? That being said, overpopulation is one of the world's biggest problems faced today — especially when it comes to the agricultural industry, due to so many mouths to feed. The farming industry had to think quick and the fast solution was the use of “chemicals.” Except, using these chemicals comes at a high cost– especially for our environment. How much disrespect is our planet capable of taking?
  • The problem is that most people don't have the time, nor the patience to invest into studying, researching and putting ideas to test to receive proven results. Simply put, "People Get Lost And Caught Up On The Quick Fix," rather than thinking rationally about the harsh consequences and long-term impact of our decisions. If we aren't careful, all life will come to an end if we violate and don't respect the rules of Mother Nature.

  • Healthy soil is the foundation of the food system. For farmers healthy soil is broken down into three major factors:
         1. BIOLOGICAL
         2. PHYSICAL
         3. CHEMICAL
  • Conventional Farming emphasizes the Chemical factors and neglects both the Physical and Biological (Microbial make-up). Whereas, Organic Farming emphasizes on the Biological and Physical factors and falls short on the Chemical factors.
  • Environmental Care & Share is concerned about building a consistent and complex soil system to support your annual production year after year. Sharp management and a keen eye for detail are crucial for farmers today. Therefore, Environmental Care & Share has introduced a fourth essential factor:
         4. ELECTRICAL
  • The Answer™ Agricultural Line works 'Electrically' to improve, impact and increase the results of each individual factor, taking each
    result to its maximum potential.


THE ANSWER™ AGRICULTURAL line is the best solution for reversing soil degradation. The key to optimal soil health is through biological, physical, chemical and electrical balance and optimal potential. Our products were created by environmentally friendly enthusiast who understand having the correct agricultural tools to making your farming experience move enjoyable. Meanwhile, allocating costs towards a long-term investment seeing driven results year after year, by working hand-in-hand with nature to reach your farms fullest potential. Resulting in:

  • Enhanced nutrient uptake, water -holding capacity
  • Increased plant growth & Better plant nutritional quality
  • Higher Brix levels (more “energy” in the plant)
  • Increased ability for nutrient uptake
  • Increased fine feeder root formation
  • Particular benefit for legumes (e.g. in pasture)
  • Increased nodulation in legumes
  • Increased chlorophyll content (for photosynthesis)
  • Lower free nitrogen content in plant tissue (higher quality)
  • Reduced pest and disease pressure

The Nano-Ag Answer™

THE NANO-AG ANSWER™ is a unique, organic fertilizer and soil conditioner that becomes one with the soil as it rejuvenates all of the natural nutrients that are essential for healthy plants and healthy soil.

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The Bio-N-Liven Answer™

THE BIO-N-LIVEN ANSWER™ is a multi-purpose powerhorse and can be used for crops, odor control, livestock and poultry. It’s a biological, multi-enzyme product that electrically charges and stimulates beneficial soil microbes to rapidly multiply and become more efficient in converting waste, compost, fertilizers and soil nutrients into valuable plant food.

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The Frozen-Flame Answer™

THE FROZEN-FLAME ANSWER™ is a high energy, all organic nutrient source that is highly electric and provides immediate energy to microbial life in soil, manure and plants. From there, it takes on the duty of cleaning up waste, creating compost and producing top soil- Creating Nature’s Perfectly Balanced Plant Food.

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The Mineral-Electrolyte Answer™

THE MINERAL ELECTROLYTE ANSWER™ is the biological solution that regulates, restores and balances the electric life to each individual cell providing them the essential energy they need to survive and function.

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The Pro-Tech Answer™

THE PRO-TECH ANSWER™ has an immediate, electrical impact on stimulating plant growth through microbial activity. It provides trace mineral electrolytes in a form that the soil and plants can uptake immediately. Just imagine an all natural sugar high, that enhances cellular activity for your plants.

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The Livestock Answer™

THE LIVESTOCK ANSWER™; known as ‘Nature’s Very Own Probiotic,’ is an innovative product that provides enhanced nutrition to support the health and performance of production animals.

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The Bio-Compost Answer™

THE BIO-COMPOST ANSWER™ is the ultimate tool for composting and the key to managing municipal solid and liquid waste management. The product is more than just a typical composting aid, as it electrically converts waste into a structured energy source for your soil, but also our environment.

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The Frozen-Flame Compost Answer™

The FROZEN-FLAME COMPOST ANSWER™ is a liquid blend of organic electrolytes and micro-nutrients available to help accelerate microbiological activity in manure and plant waste composting, waste site storage, and other composting applications.

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The Waste & Odor Answer™

THE WASTE & ODOR ANSWER™ is a dehydrated concentration of a proprietary formula to facilitate the rapid decomposition and remediation of waste and waste odors.

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