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Environmental Care & Share: Leading the way for industrial change

Each and everyday our actions move to mold and shape our future, but the question still remains whether or not the processes and directions we choose are correct and heading the right way – “Always Having Our Environment's Best Interest At Heart.”

At Environmental Care & Share we believe that our ‘Environment’ includes more than rivers, owls and trees: It’s where we live, work and play; where we raise our children and future generations; and where we hope to someday leave our world and it’s environment a better place than how we found it.

As leading ambassadors for the "Voice Of Industrial Change," we strive to manufacture environmentally-friendly products that work hand-in-hand with (nature) to bring healthy, sustainable, abundance back within reach as well as to educate all who wish to know and understand the ‘what, where and why’ this is so vital to the well-being of life, and ‘when and how’ we can get there.

On our path forward, our primary focus is to help find The Answers to critical problems and issues through innovative research and hands-on experience, and to generate positive results at the bottom line. EC&S and it’s products have been recognized as impactful, effective and efficient ways to solve old problems without creating new ones – and for giving people safe options from which to chose.

We welcome you to join us in promoting healthy, sustainable and abundant environments for all.

Agricultural Answers™:

At Environmental Care & Share, we are all about working hand-in-hand with mother nature to bring our soils back to their original state- the way they were intended to be. The Answer™ Agricultural Line consists of one NPK Fertilizer, The Nano-AG Answer™. View details »

Agricultural Answers™:
Plant & Soil Additives

Because “All Life Is Electric,” Environmental Care & Share formulated organic products that work electrically with Nature’s micro-and macrobial armies to breakdown waste and convert it to nutritional food for plants. View details »

Livestock Answers™:
Feed Aditive

At Environmental Care & Share we honor animals as part of the earth’s ‘family,’ Somewhere during our journeys, humans and animals will be directly or indirectly part of each other’s lives, and we work toward providing products that are of benefit to both.View details »

Remediation Answers™:
Waste & Odor

Environmental Care & Share and it’s products have been recognized as of the most impactful, effective and efficient ways to solve old problems; without creating new ones. When old problems are encountered, however, it is important to have Answers™ to depend on. View details »

Cleaning, Disinfecting & Odor Answers™

Environmental Care & Share offers an innovative line of environmentally safe, and impactful cleaning, products for home, business, industry, and even for janitorial service supplies. A full line of powerful and effective products for odor control, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, yet non-toxic, biodegradable and bottom line friendly View details »

Dr. William R. Jackson, PhD., ScD. Interviews

Listen in on these intriguing conversations regarding health, well being and the use and benificial properties of Fulvic Acid in our daily lives. View details »

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